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I have known Steve for many years and admire his work as a community activist almost as much as his work as a father.  He has been a friend and role model for several of my children and I look forward to seeing him taking a more active role in our schools as a member of the District 90 Board of Education.

John Phelan - Former District 200 BOE President

Steve is one of the most thoughtful, passionate and intelligent people I know that will ensure our children’s best interests are put first, not political careers.  Cast your vote for Steve Lefko if you want to have a voice of reason standing up for our kids!” 

TJ & Jennifer Flodin - RF Residents

I proudly and enthusiastically endorse Steve Lefko for District 90 School Board.  Steve and his family settled in River Forest because of the outstanding reputation of the District 90 school system, a choice that resonates with so many of the residents of our village.  It is his love of the schools and his concern for the development and education of our students that drives him to serve our community as a member of the school board.  Steve's commitment to our district extends far beyond the interest and benefits of his own children, he is deeply committed to publicly serving all of the children, educators and residents in our village.  Steve is thoughtful, energetic and optimistic.  He is a good listener and is committed to justice and transparency as an elected official.

Brendan & Susie Bedell - RF Residents

Steve Lefko is a great choice for District 90 School Board.  Not only is he a very caring and involved father, but he cares about this community.  I have known Steve for 5 years and what comes to mind is how generous he is with his time and talents.  Whether it is running the pancake breakfast, or coordinating bike safety at Lincoln or running his Hope Houses Charity, he is forever helping others.  Steve has a huge heart and I have no doubt that he will do what is best for all students in District 90.

Chris & Anne Gall - RF Residents

Unwavering commitment. In depth analysis.  Compassionate. Unrelenting enthusiasm.  Steve has these rare combination of traits along with his training as a researcher and scientist to be an effective advocate for all the kids and families in River Forest. He has worked extensively on behalf of the kids for many years and was instrumental in installing crossing guards to perimeter school intersections. Our family is better because of our incredible neighbors. Our community is better. Our School Board will be better with Steve as a member. Please cast your vote with confidence for Steve Lefko.

Susan & Matt Conti - RF Trustee   

District 90 is beyond fortunate to have Steve Lefko running for our school Board.  Steve's involvement with the schools coupled with his background in science and analyzing data provides a unique skills set that will be an asset to the board.  He desires all students to have academic excellence while reaching their highest potential.   Steve is also for clear and transparent communication between the school board, and the community they serve. We are excited to endorse Steve Lefko for District 90 school board.

Sam & Holly Tarara - RF Residents

I am happy to endorse Steve Lefko for District 90 School Board. In my years of experience working with Steve he is a wonderful and thoughtful man who goes out of his way to engage families. 

Mary Anne Brown - Retired Exec Dir. Hephzibah 

I moved to River Forest in 2013, and I’ve always known Steve Lefko to be a great role model and able leader. Whether it be coaching my daughter in youth soccer or volunteering his time in other educational capacities, he is a positive force in our community.  Therefore, he is extremely worthy of my endorsement for the District 90 School Board.
Doug Draeger - RF Resident

I have known Steve Lefko for eight years, since his family moved into our village. He is a devoted husband and father to his two daughters who attend District 90 schools so he understands the needs of our children from an educational perspective. Steve is actively involved in District 90 and has developed a significant understanding of its operations. Steve will bring a studied and informed approach to the District 90 Board. Steve is committed to high caliber schools that challenge our students towards excellence as well as a commitment to fiscal restraint that will help maintain our home values. I wholeheartedly endorse Steve for this position. Please join me on election day.

Chris Johnston - RF Resident

When I contemplate who I would like to vote for in any election, I consider who is thoughtful to those he or she would serve and have their best interests involved.  That is why I plan on voting for Steve Lefko at District 90 board.

Cuyler Brown - RF Resident 

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