STEVE LEFKO for District 90

Your Village, Your Family, Your Future

It’s with great excitement I share my story, a reflection of the values, expertise and commitment that will positively impact your village, your family and your future.


Kim and I chose the Village of River Forest to raise our two girls.  The choice stemmed from a move we describe as prioritizing family.  I’m trained as an applied scientist and worked where agricultural products meet environmental policy.  Kim is my favorite corporate marketer and together the world was our oyster.  Eventually though, this world had us residing at too many different addresses, eating too many meals apart and becoming too dependent on others to raise our children.  Our values, seeded in the tiny farming town where we both grew up, guided our decision to start over and move to River Forest.


The answer to why River Forest is likely no different than yours.  Our girls would receive an outstanding education in a Village that typifies community and creates opportunity.  This new address would be different than others, Kim would make the bread and I would bake it.  I traded population genetics for storytime at the library, corporate jets for trips down a slide, and had a new meeting schedule packed with centers in kindergarten, science lessons in second and a new sponsor called the PTO.  From this new routine grew relationships and understanding of what makes our schools unique and outstanding, and a desire to serve this community at a higher level.  I’m grateful for the address we call home, yet keenly aware it takes more than history to predict a strong future.   


This is a peek into my past, but it’s also an invitation as I run for District 90 School Board.  I want to know your story.  I want to help build what you expect for your family and deliver a solid future for your children and the River Forest community.

Much thanks,

Steve Lefko     BS, MS, PhD, #GirlDad



Skills and Experience: Team Leader, Researcher, Data and Policy Analyst, Risk Assessor, Child and Family Advocate, Lincoln Elem. D90 Principal hiring committee, lead installation of crossing guards at school perimeter intersections, seven years of chairing PTO committees: Jr. Science Expo, Pancake Breakfast, Bicycle Safety Training.

Strengths: Rigorous Investigation, Dispassionate Analysis, Effective Communication, Thoughtful and Engaging Collaboration.

Commitments: My decisions will support safety, rigorous curriculum and excellent instruction for all children.  Availability to the people and community I serve will be high.  My voting will favor fiscal responsibility and operating within a budget.  I can’t promise it, but I'll sure try to make you smile.

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