Your Village

- Build on a history of academic excellence.

- Increase attractiveness of River Forest to new families.

- Engage community in the success of River Forest schools and students.


Your Family

- Develop the full potential of every student with rigorous curriculum and instruction.

- Foster learning environments where all students can flourish.

- Increase transparency and elevate communication between the Board, Parents and Teachers.


Your Future

- Operate with fiscal responsibility and within the current tax levy.

- Implement a D90 Long Range Plan specific in desired outcomes, measurable, and visible to the     community.


Vision: The children of River Forest will grow toward opportunities to become leaders in their chosen fields, and the families of River Forest will count their D90 education among their many blessings.

I believe:

  • Physical safety is the highest priority.

  • The primary work of education is accomplished through curriculum and instruction.

  • Beneath this work, school is a place where all children can flourish.

  • Extraordinary teachers are our most valuable assets.

  • Success hinges on stewardship of finances, talent, facility and time.

  • Communities thrive with effective and relentless communication.

  • Great Boards are unique in experience, rich in ideas, effective in execution and focused on community. 

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