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D90 Board votes to re-think block scheduling at Roosevelt Middle School.

Last night (3/5) the board overwhelmingly supported going back to the drawing board to solve the problems of how to increase achievement for all using new curricula that is less teacher and more student directed. All this for core subjects while trying to balance a commitment to educating the whole child with arts and foreign language. This is difficult work.

The community has become much more engaged in the conversation creating real connection and accountability. The board has done a wonderful job responding by creating new opportunities for engagement. The administration, where the hard work of constructing options to better serve the community, has been working over-time and must be commended.

Implementation won’t begin until more scheduling options are considered and the board hears new proposals from the administration expected Fall of 2019. Among the challenges are addressing a math deficit, preserving full year foreign language and exploratory options in art and music and staff professional development. Full details on the path forward are here.

I’m thrilled with our districts commitment to getting it right for River Forest and with the rise in engagement from our community.

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