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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Transparency and communication are critical between a school district and the community it serves – this is central to my D90 campaign, commitment and the values I live by at home and at work. I believe scope and pace of change in current Board’s priorities, coupled with partial and muted communication around the new instructional philosophy explain a degree of confusion and unrest among parents. Getting better at transparency and communication is something I’m committed to and believe can improve your village, your family and your future.

It starts with a thorough Five Year Strategic Plan that’s visible and contains sufficient detail to avoid surprises. A good plan is measurable, chronological and progress along the plan becomes basis for communication to all the residents of River Forest.

I’ve been studying how other school districts maximize transparency of their Boards and committees and reach the communities they serve through multiple sources of media. We have many opportunities to leverage technology for real-time engagement, awareness and archiving to bring D90 up to excellence that ensures Board priorities reflect community priorities.

I believe our teachers are our best researchers, voices that must be heard by parents, administration and the Board. In participating so deeply in D90 over the past 8 years there are potential barriers that need breaking down, channels that need digging so information flows and so trust remains high.

It doesn’t end here, but excellence in transparency and communication involves a degree of vulnerability and some intentional measurement. Excellence will be achieved when the parties relentlessly pursue affirmation of transparency and effective communication.

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