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The answers are in the community

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Earlier this week I heard Juliana Stratton, IL’s first female African American Lt Governor, speak on getting better at directing state resources to children who need them most. It was a City Club of Chicago luncheon where the Erikson Institute was unveiling new data on early childhood development. What resonated most was her point on problem solving when she said “the answers are in the community”.

I’ve led a campaign to raise awareness of District 90’s change in instructional philosophy by sharing what I was hearing from the board and administrators through regular attendance at meetings. I was finding friends and neighbors were unaware and so persisted in asking questions, sharing information and encouraging your engagement. Being inquisitive, sharing findings and soliciting engagement, it’s in my DNA.

I’ve been thanked by hundreds of people for doing this and of course bullied by a few on FB. Meetings that typically have had 3-5 attendees recently had as many as 120. The district responded so well by providing more time, more engagement and a commitment to address community concerns as best as possible. Outstanding schools are the pride of our village, and these changes need time and good explanation for why and how, and how we’ll all be better afterwards.

Our community is becoming more aware of the issues and I go back to Juliana’s excellent point – the answers are not in national norms, abstract ‘best practices’ or found in other communities near or far. The answers to what District 90 needs and wants for itself are here in this small thriving community we call River Forest.

Friends, I’m committed to seeking understanding, researching solutions and doing this with complete transparency so that every child soars. I'm committed to ensuring River Forest remains an education destination for young families. Stay engaged. Be inquisitive. Be part of the answers.

Spread the word about a qualified, respected and community minded candidate and vote for me on April 2nd.

Much thanks

Steve Lefko


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